Moosie has landed

Yikes, it’s been a year since I posted. I haven’t been very good with picture taking of my projects and getting the pictures off my camera. Expect when it comes to new spindles, I have acquired four bossie in the last year, three of them special ones. My latest special bossie is actually a mooie spindle, came today. I discovered in January that the list for moosies were open again with expectant delivery time in the spring, so I jump on the list and had a really short wait compared to what seems like everyone else.

moosie spindle with tulipwwod shaft weighing 38 gm / 1.35 ounces.

moosie spindle with tulipwwod shaft weighing 38 gm / 1.35 ounces.

My package with the moosie was suppose to be delivered yesterday but got a bit lost on the mail truck and didn’t make it. I was very surprised that the spindle arrived today since last time a package got lost on the mail truck it took about a week to turn up and it was found because it was stepped on by the mail-person. I’m assuming it was either found this morning or last night, I thinking it was the former since when I checked tracking today since the package wasn’t resorted before going out for delivery.

Oh, I almost forgot when I got my email notify me that my moosie was being shipped Shelia sent out a very cute email. I thought I’ll share it with you.

(Bosworth Wire Service) On a cold, blowy Wednesday afternoon,
Maynard (MA) residents under big umbrellas witnessed a magical
paradeof Moosies, gracefully moving into town from the Acton
workshop of Moosie-makers Jonathan and Sheila Bosworth. The
sure-footed Moosies nosed along the street and sidewalks, past
the golf course, the new senior housing apartments, and the
big CVS drugstore to reach the cozy Maynard Post Office.

Ignoring the beeps of the traffic around them, the Moosies had
a last minute nosh on shrubs along the bank of the gurgling
Assabet River before strolling into the Post Office, where
nonchalant clerks checked their papers, sealed and stamped them
for travel. One at a time, each Moosie rose to the peak of the
Post Office roof to take flight into the sky above, scattering
north, south and west from the former mill town. They floated
over the revamped mill, the old brick school renovated into a
new library, and over Jonathan and Sheila’s favorite Thai restaurant.

The flying Moosies were cheered on their way by pedestrians
bemused by the whoosh of their flapping antlers and the honking
horns of frustrated drivers wondering what’s holding up traffic.

Wisps of luscious fibers drifted from the sky as the Moosies took
to the heavens and disappear from sight.

I’ll try to do some catch up posts over the next week about my other three spindles, knitting needles and what I’m currently working on.

New needles and socks

I started this post a couple of weeks ago and couldn’t come up with anything to write about. I wanted to mention my new set of interchangeable knitting needles that I ordered a received from DyakCraft, the heavy metals. They weren’t the only new interchangeable knitting needles that I recently got either. I wanted to try another brands knitting needles after hear not so good things about the manufacturing change to the interchangeable set that I already owned(knitpicks options). When I began working on a scarf for my sister’s birthday present I woundup reknitting the first lace repeat of Isadora about 5 or 6 times due errors in my knitting, one of my needles kept on untwisting from the join no matter how many times I tightened it. I thought it would be easier to go to one of the lys in town and get a fixed circular knitting to work the scarf one, I ended trying a hiyahiya needle which I loved and ordered the small set of their interchangeable knitting needles. hm-needles-031113

After the scarf was completed I went about buffing the heavy metal needles, since it’s recommend to buff them prior to knitting. While I was acquiring my first hiyahiya knitting needle I also picked up a skein of Dream in Color Starry to knit a pair of socks for myself. I gauge swatched for the socks with the heavy metals and got a gauge of 8 stitches per inch on US size 0. Which is very strange since usually my typical knitting needle for socks is 2.5mm (US 1 or 1.5 depending on manufacturer) instead of 2mm.  I didn’t have a very pleasant experience working on the heel my right ring finger in the tip of my finger started to hurt from resting against the needle when I hold it. I usually get some pain in that region due to my finger naturally resting against any needle that I’m knitting with. It probably doesn’t help that I have a low thrash old for pain too.starry-032713

So yesterday I went back to the lys after cleaning the house to acquire I size 0 knitting needle since my size 0 that I bought a few years ago turned out to be a size 1 instead. This time I picked up addi lace turbo’s they are really nice I especially like that the cable is extremely flexible and as zero memory.

Spinning around

I have been following the last couple of months the spindle candy group on ravelry monthly spinning thread and decided I’ll participate this month in setting a spinning goal to spin on my spindles. I chose to spin up a batt that a acquired about 5-6 years ago when I first began to spin and wanted to wait to spin it until a produced nice yarn. I spun the spindles up on my two russian spindles, one from threads thru time and the other one a spanish peacock both acquired back in October. I happened to check spanish peacock’s etsy shop shortly after rhineback and managed to one be pure chance, his shop sells out of spindles very fast.

I did during my spinning of the first spindle full of singles ordered fleegle’s Spins Supported ebook. I was hoping it’ll arrive when I was working on my second spindle full of fiber. No such luck, I was suppose to get it last Friday but it got lost on the mail truck. I was planning on going downtown to the post office to have them look for it but my mail person found(by stepping on it) and delivered it today. I’ll plan a support spindle spin for April since I already know what I’m doing for next month spin.


The fiber that I spun this month was called faboo a batt of bfl, bamboo, and emerald angelina from Black Cat Handspun. I got approximately 185 yards out of a little under 2 ounces. I plied my singles together on my pink ivory bossie midi since I only had two russian spindles and neither of them I think were meant for plying. The spanish peacock one is a lace weight spindle and the thread thru time one is approximately the same weight and a bit shorter.