Spinning around

I have been following the last couple of months the spindle candy group on ravelry monthly spinning thread and decided I’ll participate this month in setting a spinning goal to spin on my spindles. I chose to spin up a batt that a acquired about 5-6 years ago when I first began to spin and wanted to wait to spin it until a produced nice yarn. I spun the spindles up on my two russian spindles, one from threads thru time and the other one a spanish peacock both acquired back in October. I happened to check spanish peacock’s etsy shop shortly after rhineback and managed to one be pure chance, his shop sells out of spindles very fast.

I did during my spinning of the first spindle full of singles ordered fleegle’s Spins Supported ebook. I was hoping it’ll arrive when I was working on my second spindle full of fiber. No such luck, I was suppose to get it last Friday but it got lost on the mail truck. I was planning on going downtown to the post office to have them look for it but my mail person found(by stepping on it) and delivered it today. I’ll plan a support spindle spin for April since I already know what I’m doing for next month spin.


The fiber that I spun this month was called faboo a batt of bfl, bamboo, and emerald angelina from Black Cat Handspun. I got approximately 185 yards out of a little under 2 ounces. I plied my singles together on my pink ivory bossie midi since I only had two russian spindles and neither of them I think were meant for plying. The spanish peacock one is a lace weight spindle and the thread thru time one is approximately the same weight and a bit shorter.


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